Monday, September 3, 2007

I blog because I am

It is necessary for me to blog. I have resisted the urge long enough. I have no pressing subject on which to blog, but blog I must. In fact, I write this for myself in the hopes that the act of writing will reveal the reason for writing. 

Today's blog is about family and falls on Labor Day, a good time to begin. Katharine and I are home with Hoover (Corgi) and no children. The three boys are away at school, and though this is not the first time we have been home without children in nearly 22 years, it will be our longest stretch without their daily distractions so far. This "opportunity" to look inward, to reflect on one's own lack of productivity, is as much my reason for starting this blog as any. 

Perhaps it is the need for discipline, a vague hope that writing regularly about anything will lead to more purposeful writing. And then assuming that I enjoy writing, that writing brings some sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction (in a good way), I hope that some writing will lead to more and better reasons to write. Somehow, this will all be magically revealed to me as I wander from reflection to reflection.

Here's to hope! 

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