Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I haven't written about

I was supposed to blog about MacWorld. That was three weeks ago in San Francisco and I was working, and very much enjoyed it. I should have said something profound about the end of MacWorld, the absence of Steve Jobs, and the fact that I spent part of one day with Dikran, who had gone with me to the very first Mac World. But I didn't.

Perhaps I should have blogged about the inauguration, which I watched on TV. Wells to the bus from school and stood in the cold in the shadow of the Washington Monument and watched on a Jumbotron. Tommy went, too. He had tickets to watch the parade from inside the the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, but I haven't really heard much from him about it. Wellie had a great time. Katharine wept as she watched. I found the important things impressive and forgave most of the rest. But I didn't blog about this, either.

But these things did make for a more eventful January than usual, and next week, on February 1st, I'll be taking my first trip to Germany for the Apress Editorial Conference in Heidelberg. It's our first chance to meet our Springer colleagues in computer science. Should be interesting, but perhaps not much to blog about.

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