Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Are All Travelers?

U.S. Passport
Nearly a month in Roxbury and we haven’t managed to get a mailbox mounted. So we went to the Post Office to collect our mail, where it seems the post mistress knows everyone in town. As newcomers, she told us that we could get our passports and even our passport photos at the Roxbury P.O., which seemed like a rather odd thing to mention.

“You look like travelers,” she said, which seemed like a compliment. We didn’t disabuse her of this notion or mention that we were stick-in-the-mud home bodies. Though perhaps we should take this as prophecy. We really are travelers and just didn’t know it!

Time to dust off the old passports and head for the airport. But first, we better start packing. And what about the dogs, and the plants, and all of the things in the refrigerator likely to go bad, …?

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